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once i was the king of spain

but now i'm just a vp for marketing...

23 October
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"Will has had a long and successful life because of his exquisite beauty. Born in 1832 on a clipper ship heading to the West Indies, Will later settled in the western United States. At the age of 13, he became governor of the territory of Kansas, mainly because he was the only one in the territory who was literate. He was impeached seven years later by a drunken mob (the Kansas Legislature) because of his suggestion that the Earth revolved around the Sun. He then moved to the East Coast, where he became a star in the theatre, acting in such plays as General Braddock: He's A Special General! and Ye Wife Looks Suspiciously Like John Quincy Adams. He was declared People’s “Most Sexiest Man Without Scurvy” for ten consecutive years between 1890-1900. Later, he crossed over into moving pictures, playing such roles like Angry Southern Moron #3 in Gone With the Wind and Jimmy 'B-Rabbit' Smith in Eight Mile. He recently gained acclaim for his role in Million Dollar Baby, playing the baby."